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A long illness, a long celebration, and a series of activities have one thing in common. It is difficult putting everything back in order after them. Today, I decided to rethink my homeschooling curriculum. The older two needed some adjustments in their lessons to make each subject more meaningful to them. I call it pruning. For the littles, I had to replant the garden. I had worked so hard to create the St. Genesius Academy Curriculum to guarantee success in my older two, that I neglected to put in the work to find what was best for my littles. That changed today.

Today, I looked at what worked for the littles. Their curriculum doesn't have to be the same as their brothers because they are nothing like their brothers. Different experiences create a different understanding of the world around them. Today, I find that I am getting used to different.

God alone understands the path to wisdom; He alone knows where it can be found. For He can observe the farthest ends of the earth, and He sees everything under the Heavens.

Job 28: 23-24

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