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Do Whatever HE Tells You

Advent is one of the calmest, quietest, most peaceful times of the liturgical year. It is a time of reflection and remaking ourselves into comfortable abodes for the Christ Child. In some cases that task alone can take some time, a contractor, an architect, a demolition team, some fresh paint, holy water, a good confessor, some deliverance prayers, and some reinforced rosary beads.

Our modern world adds the noise of secular gift-giving in the season of getting. We are called to put aside our selfish notions of self-improvement and embark on a quest to keep merchants from going out of business by buying the love of our family and friends.

In the midst of the chaos, let us take a moment to listen to our Saviour, who longs to enter into our messiness and rebuild us in His Image. Let us do whatever He tells us.

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