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God Has Something Special Planned

I have noticed that great saints do not have boring stories. At best, they have stories with missing details. In my own life, I have a crazy lot of stories to tell. I have been told that I am a miracle, and God has something very important planned for me. I say the same thing to my children who slide down stairwells on cardboard.

My daughter had passed an important interview, and the family celebrated by taking her out to lunch. She began choking on a bite of food. I patted her back just like when she was a baby. She is not a baby anymore, and it didn't work. I stood up, stood behind her, and pressed one hand into her diaphragm. She wasn't big enough for the standard two-handed Heimlich maneuver. As I helped my daughter breathe, all I could think about was her success, and I was not going to lose her now. Then she was fine as if nothing had happened.

I will sing a new hymn to my God. O Lord, You are great and glorious, wonderful in strength, invincible. Let all Your creatures serve You, for You spoke and they were made. You sent forth Your Spirit and they were created; no one can resist Your voice. Judith 16: 13-14

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