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He Gives It All Back

About three weeks ago, I was looking at my post-holiday financial state, and I may have freaked out a little... okay, a lot. I consulted a financial advisor regarding a home equity loan to avoid high interest credit card debt and contacted a loan company. At break-neck speed, I was moving right along toward a 30-year commitment of "lower" interest.

Then the whole family got sick. There is a certain amount of perspective that is gained when a person is no longer capable of anxiety-driven sleepless nights. I could not complete the paperwork because, in my highly fevered state, I could not quite remember where my paperwork was at the moment. Instead, I gave it all to God, and God came through for me.

I thought about the things my family needed. By cutting out distractions and adding in more family time, I can keep everyone more focused on our domestic church and push back the secular world. We trimmed the budget, and the money we saved we used to pay back the debt. There was no more urgency or sleepless nights. Oh, and my sinuses cleared up! I could breathe again.

With joy you will draw water at the fountain of salvation and say on that day; "Give thanks to the Lord, acclaim His Name; among the nations make known His deeds, proclaim how exalted is His Name." Isa 12: 3-4

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