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Sometimes Storage Is the Perfect Gift

My daughter's birthday is coming up, and I have been scrapped for a gift. Santa was really good to her this year, and there are very few fun gifts left. Clothes, bedding, a few costume pieces, and maybe a doll top the list. Then I entered the room of despair. Clothes, costumes, toys, papers, and art projects are all strewn across the floor. Debris piles have cropped up because shoving things out of the way is quicker than picking up her belongings. She just doesn't have a place to put all of her toys.

I added storage to the birthday list. My kids love new furniture. It helps that I present it like the announcer from the "The Price Is Right." What do we have behind door number 1? It's a new nightstand! This new nightstand offers storage for all of your costumes, props, and accessories! Just remove the top and look inside! Retail value $...! This fabric-lined Easter basket is the perfect addition to your storage needs! It offers a safe place for knick-knacks, loveys, and small toys! Retail value $...! For the cost of some stuff-holders, I can walk in my daughter's room barefoot, without fear of Legos and other sharp objects lying in wait for my arrival. Worth it! If I throw in cleaning her room for her, the value of the gift grows exponentially.

In all this, I have shown you that by such hard work we must help the weak, keeping in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who Himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20: 35

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