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Writer's Corner

Sunday Meant a Suit and Tie

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.


Joe tied his tie and gave himself a last look in the mirror.  He put on his suit coat and overcoat, picked up his wallet, his rosary, his Mass missal, his car keys, and his phone and headed out the door.  Thirty minutes before Mass, Father was in the confessional, and Joe did not want to be late.  The Lord's Day was like that sometimes.  He had to punch his timecard, and the rest of the week was his.  Confession at 7:30am -- check, Mass at 8am -- check, Doughnuts and Fellowship in the social hall -- well, he could buy his own doughnuts.  By 10am he could be home with his electronics turned off and a good book in his hands.  Not necessarily The Good Book, but time would tell.  

I Will Be All Right

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