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Fading From View

I had a friend once, who presented herself as a leader. She was strong, confident, and knowledgeable. What she lacked was understanding. She could not fathom taking any other road than the one she travelled. Of course, anyone travelling with her will see that she was correct all along. There simply were no other options.

Freedom came when I decided I did not have to be a follower. I had the option to choose another path. I did not have to make a fuss about it. I did not have to confront her and attempt to take her power from her. All I had to do was walk along a new path. I let her have her leadership role. I let her have her well-worn path. I let her have her lofty words. It was all just noise and show.

I doubt she noticed I was gone.

Do not linger thinking about events of the past; consider not the things of old. I am about to do something new. Now it comes to fruition; can you not perceive it? I will make a path through the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isa 43: 18-19

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