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Getting Back to It

There are two kinds of feasts I celebrate with my family, those pertaining to God and those pertaining to my pilgrim life on earth. Lent is a beautiful time of peace and pulling back from the world and its noise. It is a special time when I am reminded of how much I am loved by the God Who created me. My birthday is a special time when I pull back from the noise of the world and I am reminded of how much I am loved by those God put into my life. My Lenten journey gives me the opportunity to show God how much I love Him. My daughter's birthday is an opportunity to show her how much I love her.

Now that the birthday festivities have passed, it is time to focus on Lent: no more eating out, no more shopping for frivolous things, no more thoughts on what will make me happy. Lent is about letting go of the things that pull me down like a millstone. I don't have to keep numbing the feelings with chocolate and shopping. Jesus wants me to be free of all that, free of the pain I carry with me, free of the longing for earthly pleasure, free of the need to run from my problems. Jesus has a plan for me, and He will make me whole if I let Him. It is time to let Him.

Sing out, O Heavens, and rejoice, O Earth, break forth into song, you mountains. For the Lord comforts His people and shows mercy to His afflicted. Isa 49: 13

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