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Going to Work

Once upon a time, my children were recruited to work at their Taekwondo school. They were tasked with teaching classes, cleaning, and making phone calls.

Recently, my children started new jobs. The work they do is not difficult, and their supervisor is on-hand to answer their questions.

The first job seemed very solitary. They were trained to work alone. Situations that arose called for quick thinking and clever problem solving. The second job involves more teamwork, and they are never alone. They can work on their own projects or work together, but the problem solving comes from the supervisor. He makes the decisions, and they do the work. It takes the pressure off.

I find that my prayer life is like that. When I am expected to come up with a solution that is quick and clever, I am more likely to deliver the wrong answer. I did not take the time to ask the Supervisor, Jesus Christ. When I take the time to bring my problem to the Lord, the answer is revealed. Upon delivery, any backlash is handled by the Supervisor, Jesus Christ.

Trust wholeheartedly in the Lord rather than relying on your own intelligence. In everything you do, acknowledge Him, and He will see that your paths are straight. Do not pride yourself on your own wisdom; fear the Lord and turn your back on evil. Prov 3: 5-7

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