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Happy Valentine's Day

We have been very busy in the last six weeks!

Stephen has published several new poems on Poetry Soup.

Two If By Sea

If sailing I would invite two;

Someone besides me and you.

A person who knows how to sail

Without whom we'd probably fail.

Yes, two if by sea:

A sailor,

You and me.

If flying, I might invite three:

A pilot most definitely,

And, being so high off the land,

Someone to hold either hand.

Yes, three if by air

Because I would be scared.

But walking, I'd need only one

So I'd invite you and be done.

We could take turns as the guide

Strolling through life side by side.

Yes, one if by land

And that would be grand.

So, three if by air,

Two if by sea,

One if by land,

Just you and me.

The Tefft Bros finished their last Playcare Puppet Show of the season.

In their leisure time (and by leisure time I mean when they were too sick to function in their daily lives) they put together a video to help others find hope in the midst of depression. The song is called "Do You Know?" It was written and performed by Stephen M. Tefft and delves deeply into God's love for each of us. It was one of their Dad's lesser known songs, and the Bros decided everyone needed this message.

The folks at A Bit Askew have been asked to donate goods and services to help support Regina Caeli Academy. It is a hybrid homeschool program with amazing staff and family involvement. How could we not? However, the process gave me pause. What is the value of our time and talents? I decided to sit down with the Bros and ask them what they felt their time was worth. They came up with $35.00. That's right! If someone wants a 30 minute puppet show for their child's birthday party, it costs $35.00. If someone wants a 30 minute house concert for their own birthday party, it costs $35.00. If someone wants an original song written for their daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party, it costs $35.00. If someone wants an hour of their time, they simply order two concerts or puppet shows. If they want an album of memories, they simply order the number of original songs they need. Checkout these new products!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at A Bit Askew, and may you always know that you are loved!

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