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The first Sunday of October has been "Life Chain Sunday" since 1987. Every year people stand along Main Street in cities throughout the United States and Canada holding signs and bearing silent witness to the rights of the unborn. Every year these brave souls pray for an end to the holocaust of children and the restoration of the dignity of all human life. They spend one very important hour with Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, as Peter, James and John were asked to do after the Last Supper leading up to His Passion and Death. It is not Christ's Passion, Death and Resurrection that these people witness to, but the violent murder of children every day.

Every year there are fewer people standing on Main Street. They have other obligations. They have families. Someone else can stand up this year. If the churches and pregnancy services are not standing with us, why should we be there? The answer is this: a child is in need. A mother is in need. Churches are made up of people. People hold signs. Services are run by people. People hold signs. People have families. Families are made up of people, and they hold signs together. Activities can be shifted for one hour of one day, once a year if that one hour is important enough. Is it important enough to give up one hour of your otherwise very busy life to save another life?

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