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Time to Shine

I was asked recently if Stephen had written any Prodigal Son songs from the perspective of the other brother. It really would fit into Stephen's repertoire to have something like that. So, I asked him. He said yes, "Do You Love Me or Not?" Personally, I always thought of the song as a bad relationship where one member was taken for granted... oh, that's right.

Everybody has one. The family member, coworker, neighbor, committee member, you name it. That person who just seems to get away with everything with absolutely no repercussions. Next thing you know you are raked over the coals for some perceived infraction, and who is testifying against you? The person who was redirecting attention from his own faults. "Do You Love Me or Not?" is the song that brings attention to this pattern of events in order to fix the relationship. If the behavior is unintentional, the couple can work together to change bad habits and make a new start. If it is, then it may be time to say good-bye.

Thankfully, that is not the end of the story. There is a song called, "Shine." In it the narrator assures the shy protagonist that broken relationships, career setbacks, and the darkness in the world around us are not reasons to hide. They are moments to take stock of one's life and shine. We are called to be a light, a candle burning bright. Never let the bushel baskets of the world change your mind and convince you to hide. Just shine with all your might.

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