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Voices From the Past

As my daughter's First Holy Communion approaches, I find myself remembering my own special day. I had a beautiful dress and accessories. I had family and friends to share my joy. I had a very special meal and a very special cake. I had presents and well-wishes. There were more family members at my First Holy Communion party than at my wedding reception! In that moment, I felt loved.

As I plan my daughter's party, my mind has been drifting to the people who will not be there. Both of her grandfathers will be there in spirit. Two of her great-aunts will be there in spirit as well. A grandmother or two may be there. An aunt or two may be there. Too much busyness and too many feuds have left me with a very different kind of family. I have the family who have chosen me, a family who has chosen her.

The body is one, although it has many parts; and all the parts, though many, form one body. So it is with Christ. 1 Cor 12: 12

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