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A Little Chocolate Goes a Long Way

My teen has been feeling overwhelmed as of late. Between the physical aches of a pending growth spurt and the uncertain future of which college to choose, he has taken the approach of grumpiness to deal with what ails him.

Last night he lost his cheese with me when he was unable to finish a project before bedtime. (To lose one's cheese - a euphemism meaning to overreact to a situation similar to the emotion generated by losing one's cheese when picking up or biting into a piece of pizza.) I secreted some chocolate to him for medicinal purposes. My younger pair did not need to be sugared up before bed.

He came out of his room, apologized, and hugged me. He said he was sorry for yelling at me, and he wasn't mad at me. He was just sad that the project could not be completed that night, and now he had to work on it again in the morning. Then I sent him chocolate after he had been mean to me and everything. I told him I loved him and I understood. Chocolate always helps. I gained fifteen pounds one time because chocolate always helps. He laughed at my joke, and peace in the house was restored.

If you are angry, do not sin and do not let the sun go down on your anger. Eph 4: 26

Therefore, when offering your gift at the altar, if you should remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there at the altar and first go to be reconciled with your brother. Then return and offer your gift. Matt 5: 23-24

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