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Happy Valentines' Day

Today is the day the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the love and sacrifice of three martyrs named Valentine, each entering into the next world on February 14th of consecutive years.

One St. Valentine was a physician and priest. He miraculously healed the eyes of a blind girl with a letter signed, "Your Valentine." I tell my children to follow his example and let all of their words be healing.

Another St. Valentine was a bishop, who performed secret wedding ceremonies for the soldiers and their ladies fair after the Emperor of Rome declared marriage for them forbidden. I tell my children to hold the Sacrament of Marriage as sacred between the husband, wife, and God.

The last St. Valentine was a bishop, who tended to the needs of his flock. There is no mention of any extraordinary deeds, no gratuitous miracles, no letters making him great in the eyes of the Church. This silence speaks to his humility and devotion to his flock. I tell my children to focus more deeply on what God thinks of them than the world. A saint seemingly lost to history is still a saint before the throne of God.

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