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Higher Education

I have been thinking a lot about my children's future. As a college graduate and published author, there seems to be expectations of me as a mother. I should champion the cause of higher education to my children. After all, if my homeschool does not prepare them for higher education, what good is it?

To which I reply, "I have prepared them for life." My eldest is not interested in philosophy. He is interested in results. He does not need to debate the existence of God. God Is. Now, let's go build something. He does not need to debate the ethical practice of waging a just war. Is one side bullying another? The bully needs to be stopped. Let's go entertain the troops.

There is a lot of talking about doing within the walls of universities. My eldest is not interested in talking about doing. My eldest wants to do. He wants to work alongside someone who knows how to do. He wants to learn by doing. As long as he is doing, he is happy.

Everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts in accordance with them will be like a wise man who constructed his house on a rock foundation. The rain came down, the flood waters rose, and fierce winds battered that house. However, it did not collapse, because it had its foundation on rock. Matt 7: 24-25

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This reminds of all the Congressional hearings that are happening. I don't want any more “hearings” - I want “doings”!

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