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Remain in My Love

I mentioned in my previous post that I am reading my friend's book about finding joy. In one particularly memorable chapter she invited the reader to take another look at the Gospel of John chapter 15, verses 7 to 11. This selection is part of the Last Supper Dialogues of John, the Book of Glory. I read this to my children every Holy Thursday as we celebrate Our Lord's Last Supper in our home. Stephen wrote an entire album based on Servant of God, Bishop Giaquinta's biblical commentary of this very chapter. Let's just say we've met. I did not include my familiarity with this chapter to brag but to emphasize my surprise in finding something new.

"Remain in My Love," is an instruction. It is a choice. I have free will to do anything I want, good or bad. Jesus wants me to remain. That means I was already there. Right there, IN HIS LOVE. Why would I ever want to leave? Unless I never really knew I was there or I never really believed I was there. Knowledge and faith are not the same thing, and yet they can both be used by the world to lead children of God away from their Creator.

The next thing I noticed was that Jesus was saying more to me than "remain." Remain what? Remain safe in His Love.

Remain pure in His Love.

Remain whole in His Love.

Remain connected in His Love.

Remain satisfied in His Love.

Remain unafraid in His Love.

Remain at peace in His Love.

Remain free in His Love.

Remain joyful in His Love.

Remain delighted in His Love.

Remain all things in His Love.

There are so many new meanings to the reading I wrap around my spirit like a fuzzy blanket, that I almost forget God makes ALL THINGS NEW (Rev 21: 5)!

Happy reading, Folks!

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