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Our cat, Lotti, has never experienced snow. She was a springtime barn cat and a summertime house cat. In her kittenhood, she longed for the outside and the company of other kittens. Anything she could do to experience life, no matter how dangerous it was, she wanted it. Given time, a cat tower, countless toys and treats, she is content to stay inside and look out the windows. She no longer needs to dash outside to experience cold, snow, and rain. She merely says good-bye when we leave and greets us when we return.

Today, she is interested in snow. It is much the same way I would go to the zoo or the museum to see mysterious things behind a pane of glass. A gentle breeze causes the branches to sway, but there is no discernable sound. All of the summer landscape is barren and covered with a blanket of white. How can this be?

I often take for granted the wondrous miracles around me. They are so common, that I don't really see them anymore. How gracious is our God, that wondrous miracles are common? How loving is our God that He provides too much for our needs? How jaded am I that I don't see His goodness every moment of every day?

Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in accord with the law of the Lord. Blessed are those who observe His statutes and seek Him with their whole heart. They do nothing wrong; they walk in His ways. You have ordained that Your commands be diligently observed. May my ways be steadfast in the observance of Your decrees. Then I will never be put to shame when I take note of all Your precepts. I will praise You in sincerity of heart as I ponder Your righteous judgements. I will observe your decrees; do not forsake me completely. Psalm 119: 1-8

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