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All Shall Be Well

From the moment of Creation, God loved us and continues to love us. When Adam and Eve sinned, God promised a Savior to them because He loved them. Throughout the ages He guided and nurtured His people. When the Elders of His people were not taking proper care of them, God said He Himself would tend to them. There has been an underlying theme from Creation to the Present: All Shall Be Well. It was the message He gave to St. Julian of Norwich in the 14th Century. All shall be well. Not, if you make the proper sacrifice, all shall be well. Not, if you buy the perfect gifts for family and friends for Christmas, all shall be well. Not, if you make the perfect holiday dinner, all shall be well. Not, if you clean and decorate the house better than you have ever done so before, all shall be well. Not, if your children are perfectly behaved at all of the holiday functions, all shall be well. Because you are loved by God, all shall be well. That's it. This holiday season, just be. By virtue of your creation, you are loved by God. His gift to you is that all shall be well.

There is an idea in our world today that we have to earn love in some way. Love is a gift freely given, and the knowledge that we are loved changes us. Knowing we are loved compels us to act in ways that make us more loveable. We do not have to "earn" or "buy" the love of God or others because God created us in love for the purpose of being filled with His love. How can a mortal contain the divine love? Well, you can't. It's too much. That is why and how God's love for us spills over into each of our relationships here on Earth. This holiday season remember that you are the gift, the parcels are tokens of God's love, and all shall be well.

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