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I have noticed there are some movies critics are honestly surprised that they enjoyed. One such movie is "The Passion of the Christ." I was listening to an interview of a woman who wrote a whole book on it titled, The Theology of the Passion of the Christ. She went scene by scene discussing the details in between the details of the Gospels. She seemed honestly surprised by how Catholic the movie was. Well, Mel Gibson was raised Catholic, so it kind of makes sense.

"The Chosen" is another source for discussion. It is as if viewers are waiting to see when Dallas Jenkins will stop following Scripture and other authentic contemporary sources and start putting in some anti-Catholic agenda. Since we all love Jesus, I am not holding my breath for a turn to the dark side.

It is always easier to knock someone down than to build someone up. There are those who have nothing good to say about someone else's good work. If it does not come from them, it cannot be any good. Why? Why is someone else's work not worth the look? Why did the author have to see the "The Passion of the Christ" eight times in the theater and write a book convincing herself that it suited her Catholic sensibilities? Why not just say she liked it?

The one who leads a blameless life and does what is right, who speaks the truth from the heart and does not slander anyone, who does not harm a friend and does not scorn a neighbor, who looks with distain on the wicked but honors those who fear the Lord, who abides by his oath, no matter what the cost, who does not charge interest on a loan, and refuses to accept a bribe against the innocent. Whoever does these things will never fall.

Psalm 15: 2-5

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