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Being the Fixer

My boys take great pride in serving Mass. They do their best to be their best every time. That includes helping their fellow servers do and be their best. They are the performers and the backstage crew. Their goal is to see and fix a mistake before it happens. They volunteer on days the scheduled serving team is incomplete or inexperienced. They have a reputation. Their prior serving team was comprised of boys who knew exactly what to do. Everyone knew his job, and everyone knew everyone else's job. They helped each other when someone was having an off day, and every Mass was the best it could be. The Pastor and the Deacon knew they could count on these boys.

Not every team had the "well-oiled machine" reputation. One team in particular had an MC who knew what to do and a team who believed they did until it was time for action. After four months of, "You said you knew what to do," it was time for the Pastor to request a change. The poor overwhelmed MC was rewarded with a team who knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to help anyone who was having an off day. The servers who believed they knew what to do got my boys, who have years of experience helping, guiding, and teaching young servers to be their best.

An added bonus, the boys moving to my boys' team are some of my boys' favorite little people. They are all about the same age as their own little brother, and it is a little like having a team full of little brothers serving God together.

Two are better than one: they earn a far greater reward for their toil. And if one should fall, his brother will help him up... And where a single man can be overcome, two together will be able to resist. A cord with three strands is not easily broken. Eccl 4: 9-10, 12

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