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Boss Battle

Recently, I have been introduced to the term "Boss Battle." My kids tell me this term denotes the final battle of a multi-level video game. It can also be applied to any epic/final confrontation between titans of a franchise, i.e. Godzilla versus literally anyone.

This morning the littles brought their fluffy comforters into the main hallway, wrapped themselves up, and played a game called, "Worm Fight." This image gave me something I hadn't realized I had been missing in my life, a Boss Battle Worm Fight live from the Desert Planet of Arrakis. Frank Herbert, where is my Boss Battle?

Today, my Boss Battle is against myself. I could assign blame to others, but ultimately, my feelings are the titan I have to fight. There are people in my life who chose to hurt me. It is how they feel powerful in their own lives. (It's no one you know. They left me years ago.) I could get lost in the passions of vengeance, or I could just walk away. That's my Boss Battle. I walk away.

In the same way, brethren, through the Body of Christ you have died to the Law and have been set free to belong to another, that is to the one Who rose from the dead in order to bear fruit for God. For when we were in the flesh, our sinful passions were aroused by the Law and at work in our bodies, and they bore fruit for death. Rom 7: 4-5

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