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Counting the Beads

There are people in my life I want to change, I mean help. I see the path they are on. I have taken that path myself on occasion. I know where it goes, and it is not a happy destination. Like the characters on the page of a horror story, they act like they can't even hear me when I scream, "Don't open the box!"

I have long conversations about these people with the Lord. He has to fix them because I can't, and they need to be. The answer I receive is not about them; it is about me... pray the rosary. In an attempt to run from the truth and avoid further spiritual attacks, I check out my Facebook feed, and post after post says, "Pray the rosary."

I decided to pray the rosary before bed last night. I slept well and was ready to start my day without the requisite five more minutes sleep that results in making me five minutes late.

I hope the people in my life are benefitting from my prayers. I know I am.

In God alone is my soul at rest; my help comes from Him. He alone is my rock, my stronghold, my fortress: I stand firm. Psalm 62: 1-2

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I could really identify with this post, it was a nice reminder to "be still and know that I am God."

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