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Doing It Right

With children there is a sense of right and wrong. There are clear answers. Is the math problem correct or incorrect? Is the weather hot or cold? Did you make your bed or not make your bed?

As I get older, I see a lot of gray area. There are decisions that are less bad as opposed to intrinsically good. There are situations where I have to do the most good, but that good does not seem to be enough. It is all I can do, not all that can be done. Sometimes the situation is absolutely hopeless. That does not mean I should give up. It just means I should stop relying on myself and start trusting in God's divine providence.

My children are in the habit of relying on me for everything. I must be doing it right because they treat their prayer life in the same way. "Mom, could I have a snack?" "Thank you, God, for granting us a pantry full of good things." There is no doubt in their hearts that God will come through for them.

And blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be fulfilled.

Luke 1: 45

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