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Group Dynamics

My thoughts, words, and deeds are many times reliant on who am with and what circumstances have unfolded before me. In college there was a particular circle of friends who inspired me to participate in some questionable activities. I was very blessed at that time to have a group of people who helped me hold fast to the faith as well. In my adult life, I had coworkers who were more like friends and friends who were more like coworkers. My husband often tells me I don't need everyone to love me. Oh, but I do!

Groups can be like that: Am I wanted? Am I needed? Am I both? If I am wanted, I am more likely to do anything for the team. If I am needed, I will try to earn their love as well, and I will go home sad because it is an impossible task to make somebody love me. If I am both, I feel that God has given me a community with which to work, grow, and love.

Every day, united in spirit, they would assemble together in the temple. They would break bread in their homes and share their food with joyful and generous hearts as they praised God, and they were regarded with favor by all the people. Acts 2: 46-47

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