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I'll Take Care of It Tomorrow

I look at my life and all of the little things that need my attention, and I make "To Do" lists. At the end of the day, that list is the only thing I have accomplished.

I had a plan last summer that I would get out and walk through my very lovely neighborhood every morning with my children. We would all be healthier, and I would lose a few pounds in the process. Sadly, it was always too hot, too rainy, or we had someplace else to be.

In the fall we were going to go to taekwondo three times a week and tai chi once a week, every week. We were going to be healthy and strong, but then allergies, injuries, and late nights kept us from those early morning workouts.

For Advent, we were going to clean out the house. New Liturgical year meant a new home for Jesus. The dust irritated our sinuses, and we spent more time sneezing than cleaning.

In January we hosted weekly playdates. Each week's cleaning became a little more relaxed until the goal was cleaning up after the playdate instead of before.

Now, Lent is upon us. Everyone is sick, injured, or not sleeping well, the house is in shambles, I am obese according to my BMI, and I feel like I'm drowning.

St. Peter was drowning once, too. I'm in good company.

I can relate.

This Lent, I will let Jesus into my life, and He will help me fix my mess.

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