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Never Enough Time

I have come to the realization that if the Lord came back to Earth on a cloud next week or in a million years, it would not make any real difference. I would still not be ready. Whether it is my physical house or my interior house, it would not be clean or presentable. There just isn't enough time in my day to take care of everything.

My life should be ordered to God, husband, children, household, extended family and friends (activities), and larger community (activities). Should is a very important verb in that sentence because my reality is that God and my husband understand that the children's needs are more immediate than theirs. Any situation involving the unholy mix of blood, dirt, and tears takes priority over everything else.

Maybe that's okay. God gave me those beautiful, accident-prone children. God gave me an understanding husband. God gave me Himself. Maybe the life He designed for me isn't supposed to be overwhelming, just full. Well, He totally nailed it!

I have observed the tasks that God has designated to keep men occupied. He has made everything suitable for its time, and He has given men a sense of past and future, but they never have the slightest comprehension of what God has wrought from beginning to end. I understand that man's greatest happiness is to be glad and do well throughout his life. And when we eat and drink and find satisfaction in all our labors, this is a gift of God.

Ecc 3: 10-13

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