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Out of Sorts

Springtime in Nebraska is a little like playing "Wheel of Weather." It is a little like "Wheel of Fortune," but bankrupt is replaced by tornado, spin again is replaced by 75 and sunny, $5000.00 is replaced by early spring, and lose a turn is replaced by snow in April. The puzzle would spell out something like, "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plains." Today is nice, tomorrow will be nicer, and in a few days, the winter coats come out for another visit to the great outdoors, I mean the walk from the parking lot to my destination.

I just cannot seem to get any traction. One minute I am getting everyone up and moving, so everyone will be on time to their job, class, event of the morning, and the next minute I forget what day it is, and everyone is assuring me that it is all right, nobody is late, nothing is wrong, and maybe I need some extra rest.

I think I need to find Jesus in the storm.

Blessed be the Lord, day after day, the God of our salvation, who carries our burden. Our God is a God who saves; the Lord God delivers from death. Psalm 68: 20

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