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Receptive to Friendship

I have found there are people who are on a journey that does not include me. It is as if God has a plan for them, and they are not ready to be my friend yet, or the time for us to be friends has passed.

In one instance, I did not know how to be a friend. Once I learned how to be a friend, it was time for the other person to move on. I could look at it as I had wasted the time I could have had, or I could look at it as I grew into something new because of the time I had had.

In another instance, I tried to press my friend into a mold of what a friend should be. I drove her away. It was after that loss that I began to understand what it meant to be a friend. Today, I am different.

In a final instance, I had worked hard to become a better person. I was ready to be the friend I had always wanted in my life. I was strong, witty, filled with laughter, and ready for anything. Well, not anything. I was not ready for rejection. I was not ready for someone to tell me she wanted friends, just not me.

God has a way to forming me and shaping me into what is pleasing to Him. I am never going to understand it this side of Heaven, but there is a plan. God creates moments to be cherished and moments to be persevered. It is okay to let moments go. It is okay to let people go. It is okay to trust that God will give it all back. Just because it is not time for one person to be my friend does not mean God hasn't already sent others to take their place.

Thereupon the Lord restored the prosperity of Job after he had prayed for his friends, and He enriched him with twice as much as he had possessed before. Then all his brothers and sisters came to him, as well as all his friends from former days. As they feasted with him in his house, they sympathized with him about previous troubles, and they comforted him for all the misfortunes that the Lord had permitted to be inflicted upon him... The Lord blessed the end of Job's life more than the beginning. Job 42: 10-12

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