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Searching For Home

St. Augustine once said the human heart is restless until it rests in God. I believe the search for God's love in our lives looks a lot like the Story of the Prodigal Son. Jesus, the Lord, God, Creator of the Universe, would not have said it if it was not important. He told the story of a boy who thought he was a man. This youth demanded his inheritance from his father and set off for grand adventures. Those adventures led him to ruin and sorrow. Meanwhile, his father patiently awaited his return. The youth made up his mind to return to his father, beg his father's forgiveness, and work hard to earn back the trust he had broken when he left. When his father said all was forgiven, the youth felt overwhelmed by his father's generosity.

What does that look like in our lives? What if we have something in our past that is so terrible, we cannot even talk about it? Would any of our future relationships be healthy, or would we find ourselves sabotaging them before their time? What if our partners were the ones with something to hide? Should we stay to help them heal, or would it be safer to walk away? What if we made half-hearted attempts to amend our lives? Would that be enough, or would we have to enact real change? What if we meet that one person who could inspire us to come clean about everything and bring forth real change? How would we respond to the overwhelming peace and forgiveness offered by this new force for good in our lives?

Here's how. Check out our latest album, "My Mind's Eye" on the Vintage Tefft page. We have given about thirty years of thought on the topic.

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