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Temptation to Snooze

I have noticed, in my daily routine, one decision can make all of the difference. If I get up and get moving, I am relatively productive. If I hit the snooze button, my carefully crafted routine falls apart. I know this in my heart every morning, and yet there it is, tempting me to remain warm and safe for just a few more minutes. What could a few minutes hurt? I could make that up easily. If I sleep a little longer, I will be more rested and be able to move a little faster. But it's a lie. I am more tired, I move more slowly, and I am later than I should be. If I had the time to sleep a few more minutes, I would have set my alarm for a later time.

Maybe I'm just picking the wrong battles. Instead of changing my morning routine, maybe I should be changing my bedtime routine. If I need more sleep, maybe I need to be getting everyone to bed earlier. Maybe I need to shift the fun of the day to earlier in the day rather than later. This way everyone will be more tired and less resistant to the idea of rest. The snooze button will no longer be a temptation if I am already rested.

Trust wholeheartedly in the Lord rather than relying on your own intelligence. In everything you do acknowledge Him, and He will see that your paths are straight. Do not pride yourself on your own wisdom; fear the Lord and turn your back on evil. Prov 3: 5-7

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