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The Best Alarm Clock In the World

Winter is a time when sleep becomes a pastime, and staying home is the goal. The world is an unforgiving place that does not make accommodations for my wants and needs. Every morning is battle between stillness and movement. (On days when stillness wins, I credit it to the law of inertia.)

As in all things, when there is a problem, God sends a baby. Four minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off, my littlest child came to my bedside and asked for help getting back to sleep. This usually occurs after a bad dream. The protocol for this is to walk this sweet child back to the nursery, tuck her in, and pray over her as she closes her eyes. On this particular morning, I remembered to turn off my alarm. I did not want it to wake up anyone else in my absence.

Once the child was back to sleep, I began my morning routine with great reluctance. It is morning. It is Friday. It is still dark at 5:25am. In June and July there is warmth and sunlight to greet me. Today, I have only Jesus. Jesus is enough.

My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the dawn. More than watchmen wait for the dawn let Israel wait for the Lord. Psalm 130: 6-7

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