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The Big Picture

There are truths to which we cling, regardless of circumstance, that define who we are as people. Sometimes these truths are born of passions, and sometimes they are born of a fully formed conscience. When our truths are born of passions disguised as conscience, it may be time to reevaluate our stand. Maybe we're the bad guys.

Recently, I found myself at odds with a person. This person held a position of authority within an organization which I love, and I disagreed with a few of his decisions. This left me questioning my place within the organization. Do I leave the organization, which I love, because the chair of a committee and I are not getting along? Well, no. It is not the organization that is the problem. The decisions the chairperson is making will not affect the organization over time. The chairperson's term will end eventually, and a new person may make completely different decisions. My feelings on the matter of the day will not really change anything. Maybe the best thing to do is to focus harder on my own tasks within the organization, which I love, and not worry about what other committees are doing.

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