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I find that I put a lot of faith in my ability to manage my life and my living. I go to sleep at night, fully believing that I am going to wake up in the morning. I close my eyes believing I will take an eight-hour break from the worries and struggles of the world, and afterward I will get right back to it. It never occurs to me to put my ducks in a row before I go to bed, just in case this is the day I wake up in Heaven.

Maybe, I should.

If I lived each day as if it was my last day, there would be a lot less procrastinating. There would be no thought of doing things tomorrow if I only had today. I would be less likely to pull out a credit card to pay for things I don't really need because there would be no tomorrow in which to pay it back and no later in which to use the unnecessary items. There is only today and the things I need today for today's happiness only.

Today, I need my family. I need to help each member gain their own happiness. Today, my kids need a little extra sleep, and I need quiet time to write. Problem solved. Today, I had just enough food in the pantry to make everyone's favorite meals. They won't want a repeat of these meals until after our weekly grocery shopping day. Both are not today. Neither one requires my immediate attention. Today has challenges of its own. I do not need to go borrowing more.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us exult and rejoice in it. O Lord, grant us salvation; O Lord, grant us success. Psalm 118: 24-25

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