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Unexpected Joy

My boys have a YouTube show called Zaknapped. The protagonist is on the run and is unfailingly joyful. It contrasts with their other shows featuring dark humor and situational irony. Last night's episode earned them 245 views and 5 new subscribers. Their average viewership per video is under 20. This good news has brought forth much rejoicing. To be honest, it was a welcomed change. Our family has been swamped lately with service projects, science projects, the spring formal, weapons testing, Sacraments and parties, and catching up from an illness that brought us through Lent.

Doing the Zaknapped episodes brings them joy. Zak is joyful in the episodes. The number of views give them joy. If Zak can make it, so can they. Now they are off and running because Zak was not a "have to" activity, he is a "want to" activity, and their "want to" activity just destroyed all of their stress and anxiety. God bless Zak!

For this day is holy to our God. Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

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