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Water Picks Are Dangerous

As a new Mom, I endeavored to baby-proof my home. As my children grew, I told them not to play with fire and knives. Today, their dentist and orthodontist agree that they need to use a water pick. That means they must aim a thin stream of warm, high-pressure water at their face, in the general direction of their teeth. Apparently, they rely on each other as a spotter. I have been regaled with stories of water shooting up their noses, water shooting the mirror, and water cutting through a bar of soap. Makes me shiver.

Now, I find myself wondering how I am supposed to protect them from the world if I can't even protect them from their evening toilette. I can't protect them from their handheld portals to hell, I mean their smart phones. I can't protect them from the bullies or middle management, which are sometimes one and the same. Am I failing as a mother? Then I remember my children belong to God first and my husband and me second.

Trust wholeheartedly in the Lord rather than relying on your own intelligence. In everything you do, acknowledge Him, and He will see that your paths are straight. Prov 3: 5-6

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